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Metrology Conversion:

 1) Converter


 2) Converter factors
 Length  ratio
 Inch to cm  2.54
 cm to Inch  0.39
 Inch to mm  25.40
 mm to Inch  0.04
 ft to m  0.31
 m to ft  3.28
 yd. to m  0.91
 m to yd.  1.09
 mi. to km  1.61
 km to mi.  0.62


 sq.Inch to sq.cm  6.451
 sq.cm to sq.Inch  0.15
 sq.ft to sq.m  0.09
 sq.m to sq.ft  10.76
 sq.yd. to sq.m  0.84
 sq.m to sq.yd.  1.20
 sq.mi. to sq.km  2.59
 sq.km to sq.mi.  0.39
 Acre to ha.  0.40
 ha. to Acre  2.47
 Volume  ratio
 cu.Inch to cu.cm  16.39
 cu.cm to cu.Inch  0.06
 cu.ft to cu.m  0.03
 cu.m to cu.ft  35.32
 cu.yd. to cu.m  0.76
 cu.m to cu.yd.  1.31
 cu.Inch to l  0.02
 l to cu.Inch  61.03
 gal. to l  4.55
 l to gal.  0.22
 US. gal. to l  3.79
 l to US. gal.  0.26
 Fluid oz. to ml.  28.4
 ml. to Fluid oz.  0.035


 oz. to g  28.35
 g to oz.  0.04
 lb. to kg  0.45
 kg to lb.  2.21
 Long ton to mt.  1.02
 mt. to Long ton  0.98
 Short ton to mt.  0.91
 mt. to Short ton  1.10

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