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News & Events

2018 China (Shanghai) International evaporation and crystallization exhibition 2018-11-19
In recent years, with the rapid development of the evaporation and crystallization equipment market, product output continued to expand, the national industrial policy to encourage evaporation and crystallization equipment industry...
Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit 2016 2016-05-05
The Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit 2016 will bring together global stakeholders across the supply chain to discuss key issues including lack of new production and substitution of rare earths in end use products.
Argus Metals Week 2016 2016-03-08
Born out of the success of NiCoMo event, Argus Metals Week took place on 7-9 March to offer a world-class experience for European minor metals producers, traders and buyers.
FASA Congress 2014, 9-11 November, Barcelona 2014-06-18
Returning to Barcelona on 9-11 November, The FASA Congress 2014 combines crucial industry intelligence with ample opportunity for networking.
MetalForm China 2014, 16-19 September, Beijing 2014-06-10
Organized by CCMI, MetalForm China is the unique famous show focusing on metal forming industry in China. As one of the brand shows, ChinaForge Fair was launched in 1990, and now is the number one of the world
Rare Earths 2014, 10-12 September, Chengdu, China 2014-05-22
This event will feature leading industry experts who will bring greater clarity to this opaque market of Rare Earth.
2014 China (Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition, 16-18 June,2014 2014-04-16
Thousands of exhibitors from more than 30 countries & regions and 300,000 domestic and abroad visitors attended in the previous fourteen exhibitions.
Noble Alloys North America 2014, 12-13 June, New York 2014-03-07
The event will provide an outlook for the whole noble industry and financial markets whilst also focussing on specific opportunities, challenges and risks across key metals in the specialty steel industry.
NiCoMo 2014, 3-5 March, London 2014-03-03
The meeting is the premier event for nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, ferro-chrome and stainless steel professionals and this year we have added an extra day to the schedule
This year, Metal-Pages will be offering the opportunity to view our world-class speaker presentations from the comfort of your office.
Electronic & Specialty Metals 2013 2013-08-14
On 9-11 September to meet global producers, consumers and traders as well as industry experts, and learn about the trends, policies and companies influencing electronic and specialty metals now and in the future.
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